Involving patients and the public


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photo of patients and public in a meeting

How we work with patients and the public

The members of the NW London health and care partnership work closely with patients and the public to help shape our plans and services.  This involvement is flexible. Each organisation involves the public and engages in its own way to meet local needs and shape individual plans. At other times, organisations will work together to engage across boroughs.

The collaboration of eight CCGs (need to explain this) has an integrated lay partners group to scrutinise and be the voice of patients on shared NHS work across NW London. This is made up of lay partners (explanation) and Healthwatch members.

Local CCGs engage on their own local plans and service changes, as do our hospitals, mental health and community trusts. Local councils likewise regularly engage on social care issues.

To help us reach all parts of our communities, we fund some voluntary sector organisations to engage on our behalf.  Most of our 400 GP practices also have patient-led participation groups. We also work closely with community voluntary services, which are borough-specific groups, and again help us engage with local people.

To find out more about how we involve patients and engage residents, please contact us.