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To improve the quality of care for mothers and babies, maternity services in Ealing underwent significant change in July 2015. This included the closure of Ealing Hospital’s maternity unit and the development of community services.

Sixty per cent of the women in Ealing were already choosing to give birth in hospitals outside the borough and Ealing maternity unit was only managing to prove 60 hours of consultant care compared to significantly more in other units. The dedicated, professional staff at the unit were providing a safe service for their women, but it was likely that it would not have been possible to maintain it as a safe unit in the future.

Although women can no longer give birth at Ealing Hospital, antenatal and postnatal care clinics are still available at 19 locations across the borough, including at Ealing Hospital. Women across North West London are now seeing improvements to their care as a result of changes made to maternity and neonatal services.

A review of the transition showed that all women booked to give birth at Ealing Hospital prior to the changes had their care transferred safely to nearby hospitals. All women across North West London now benefit from improvements to care including:

  • improvements to the midwife to birth ratio across North West London to meet national standards
  • all six maternity units have increased hours of senior consultant cover
  • 100 new midwives have been recruited in North West London as a result of these changes
  • in Ealing there is now improved continuity of care, with antenatal and postnatal care now delivered closer to people’s homes
  • a perinatal mental health service is also be piloted in the area.

If you are pregnant and looking to decide what hospital to book into, please download our North West London maternity units guide.