Getting hospital patients better, quicker


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Make sure all hospital patients get the right tests, expert advice and treatment as soon as possible, every day of the week

Delivery date:

  • October 2017

To do this we will:

  • get all hospital services working together, every day of the week, so people get better and back home again as soon as possible
  • make sure people get expert advice and treatment from the right clinician as soon as possible, every day of the week
  • make sure people get the right treatment from therapists if they need it, every day of the week.
  • reduce waiting times for things like blood tests and imaging scans, medications and transport.

It is better for people because:

  • they will receive the right treatment, from the right member of the clinical team, as soon as possible, every day of the week.
  • people will receive quicker treatment and recover sooner, so they can get home quicker
  • people are less likely to catch an infection, fall or get pressure ulcers at home than in hospital.

It is better for the health and care system because:

  • individuals will have a better overall recovery and their families and carers have a better experience
  • hospitals will run more smoothly, including scheduled operations and emergency care
  • staff workload will be better managed, with less stress and an improved experience.

Key facts:

  • a third of patients in a hospital bed today are medically fit to leave hospital
  • every day an older person stays in a hospital bed, they can lose 10 per cent of their muscle strength
  • trials conducted in NW London have shown that patients can get home up to a day earlier when hospital services work together properly every day of the week.

Expected outcomes:

  • people will have access to services, expert advice and treatment seven days a week
  • hospitals will run more smoothly, including scheduled operations and emergency care
  • patients will get better quicker and get home sooner.


Recent trials of new ways of running hospital services across the whole week in hospitals in NW London showed :

  • patients reported being less anxious as therapists and consultants were available at the weekend
  • up to 16 per cent reduction in the average time spent in a hospital bed
  • up to 14 per cent reduction in people returning to hospital once home
  • up to 25 per cent reduction in patients that were fit to go home but were stuck in hospital over the weekend due to lack of staff
  • more patients going home on Monday and Tuesday, rather than later in the week, due to treatment starting over the weekend
  • more patients going home before midday, because wards are running more smoothly.