Better care for people with long term conditions


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To improve care for people with long term conditions, the North West London health and care partnership is working together on these priorities:

  • Investment and support for GPs and their teams - increase investment and support for GPs and their teams to provide more access and proactive and coordinated care for their communities.
  • Saving lives through improved cancer screening  - detect and treat cancer earlier by contacting people at highest risk, encourage more people to be screened and invest in the latest technology
  • Long term conditions and mental health - improve support for people with long-term physical illnesses and depression or anxiety
  • Providing the right care every time to prevent serious illness - cut the risk of NW London residents developing a long-term illness through consistent, proactive and coordinated care, with diabetes and high blood pressure as early priorities
  • Supporting people to take control of their own health - support people with long term conditions to be confident to manage their own health and take as much control as possible.

Key facts

  • Since April 2017, GPs across NW London have offered consultations from 8am-8pm
  • across NW London, three people die early every day because of diabetes
  • people who are confident in managing their own health have a better quality of life and fewer unnecessary overnight stays in hospital
  • almost a quarter of million people in North West London will experience a common mental health need – like depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress.



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