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In partnership with London South Bank University, we are offering the opportunity for 25 existing Practice Managers who work in North West London to develop their skills, knowledge and expertise.  We understand the challenges experienced by General Practice today and the future demands being placed on the workforce to meet these demands.  It is with this in mind we have committed to support our Practice Managers, who are key to enabling the transformation required to meet our Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) priorities.

What we are offering:
Each NW London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or Community Education Provider Network (CEPN) three fully funded places on to the postgraduate certificate (PGC) in Management course.

What you need to know:
There is a time commitment of approximately half a day from general practice workplace to attend the weekly learning sessions for the duration of 1 year starting at the end of April.  These weekly sessions will take place in a class based setting at London Southbank University.  To make it easy for you to understand the joining requirements and the application process, you can see the full application form, pre-course assignment and accompanying information here.

Please note the deadline for submission of application and pre course assignment is 9th April 2017, by 12 noon.

Key dates to note:

  • Application and pre course assignment submission by 9th April  2017.
  • Maybe informal telephone interviews week beginning 10th April.
  • All applicants informed by 14th April 2017.
  • PGC in Management course commences 27th April 2017.

Next Steps:
Please forward this offer on to the relevant Practice Managers or on to your more local networks.

If you have any further enquiries, please contact the workforce mail box on:

We look forward to receiving your applications and getting involved in this great  opportunity to develop not just personally but importantly to make the significant changes in your local practice through the newly acquired knowledge and skills.