Improving your health & wellbeing


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To improve health and wellbeing, the North West London health and care partnership is working together on these priorities:

  • Supporting local people to live healthier lives - support all residents to live longer and healthier lives by preventing illness and promoting physical and mental wellbeing
  • Promoting mental wellbeing and reducing loneliness  -  support individuals to have the best possible mental health as an active member of their community
  • Giving children the best start - support vulnerable families to improve their children’s life chances and reduce likelihood of needing longer-term mental health support.
  • Roll out of the national Making Every Contact Counts programme - train relevant non-specialist staff to have helpful health and wellbeing conversations with public, patients and families.

Key facts:

  • Only half of NW London’s residents take the recommended amount of physical activity per week and around one-in-seven smoke
  • six of the eight boroughs in NW London have higher harmful drinking rates than the London average
  • getting someone with an addiction into work boosts their financial independence, confidence and self-esteem and plays a key role in supporting recovery
  • across NW London, one in three children do not reach a satisfactory level of development by reception year, and children who are not ‘ready for school’ are likely to struggle with social skills, reading, maths and physical skills
  • stopping smoking, improving diet, increasing physical activity, losing weight and reducing alcohol consumption all help people to live well for longer.