Supporting local people to live healthier lives


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Support all residents to live longer and healthier lives by preventing illness and promoting physical and mental wellbeing

Delivery date:

  • ongoing

To do this we will:

  • join up health, council and voluntary sector services across our boroughs to provide the most effective support
  • take earlier action to make a bigger impact
  • focus on reducing harmful drinking as an early priority.

It is better for people because:

  • preventing illness, by stopping smoking for example, is the best way to stay healthy
  • people can rely on faster, joined-up support in their community
  • reducing harmful drinking and unhealthy lifestyles means healthier lives and reduced impact on family, employment and mental health

It is better for the health and care system because:

  • keeping people healthy leads to less demand on services and more time to spend with sicker patients
  • joining up services means resources and expertise will be used more effectively
  • reducing harmful drinking will reduce pressure in A&E and see fewer people needing unplanned overnight stays in hospital.

Key facts:

  • only half our residents are physically active and  up to one-in-four are obese
  • over 300,000 people  in NW London drink more than the recommended weekly units of alcohol – harmful drinking is a major factor in increasing risk of disease and early death
  • around one in seven adults in NW London still smokes.

Expected outcomes:

  • reduction in harmful lifestyle behaviour for all residents in NW London.