NHS in North West London launch new career framework for diagnostic radiographers


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The NHS in North West (NW) London is excited to be launching a new competency based career framework at the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) London Region Study Day on Saturday 5 November.

The launch which coincides with World Radiographer Day on Tuesday 8 November will increase career opportunities for diagnostic radiographers working in the NW London area. 

All of our hospitals have signed up to using the framework, so that radiographers can be sure that wherever they work in NW London their skills, experience and training will help get them to the next stage in their chosen career.

NW London’s new Radiographer Career Framework has been developed from the SCoR’s Education and Career Framework in conjunction with all the NHS trusts in NW London and Health Education England (HEE). Radiographers will now have opportunities to design their own training, take control of how their career develops, and there will be greater consistency in skills and roles across trusts in NW London.

NW London is the first NHS region to introduce a dedicated career framework to support radiographers with their career development, making this a really exciting time to join one of our fourteen hospitals.

A career in NW London offers experience in a range of specialisms – this part of the capital holds four major acute hospitals, five world renowned specialist hospitals for the treatment of cancer and heart and lung disease and fourteen hospitals that specialise in clinical research. 

In NW London we are focused on developing our workforce so that they are well equipped to provide the best patient care. Through increasing our radiography workforce patients will have increased access to tests, which will take place on whichever day they need them and they will receive the results faster.

Diagnostic radiographers dedicated to providing the best patient care, enthusiastic about enhancing their skills and developing their careers will find NW London fast-paced, innovative and exciting.

For more information and to view the framework visit the 'Our staff' section of our website.