North West London pilots new models of care for hospital inpatients


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Exciting new work is happening in North West (NW) London to improve hospital care for our patients, as a part of our aspiration to deliver better services seven days a week.

We are committed to ensuring that all patients admitted to hospital in an emergency, are seen by a consultant within 14 hours of admission, and will receive an on-going review on a daily basis.

Together with clinicians from NW London and input from Health Education England, we have developed a new ‘inpatient model of care’ that will ensure that more senior level advice and expertise will be available on hospital wards every day of the week.

The new models are being piloted on six wards, in four major acute hospitals, across NW London for six to eight weeks. The pilots include a range of clinical specialties: trauma, orthopaedics, surgery and care of the elderly.

During the pilots, new processes and ways of working will be tried and tested. We hope to develop a better understanding of how seven day working on hospital wards could impact on patient care, clinical outcomes and staff training, education and experience.

We are extremely happy that there has been a tremendous level of interest and enthusiasm from clinicians across NW London to pilot the new models of care in their hospitals. Stay posted for further information and updates.