North West London’s ‘digital vision’


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Exciting new work is happening in North West (NW) London to explore how the latest technology can support our population to self-care in a way that fits around their lifestyles.

In partnership with Digital Health London, the NHS in NW London is working to provide digital apps to support residents to develop their self-management skills.

The health needs of the NW London population are changing, as people live longer and a growing number are living with complex, long-term health conditions. Internet usage is also growing across all age groups, with smartphones increasingly becoming a tool to communicate, manage lives, shop, bank and watch TV.

We recently held an event to select apps that will provide support for people with type 2 diabetes. The apps offer patients easy access to clinical support, tailored care plans, medical information and advice, and the ability to book appointments with health professionals.

The chosen app(s) will be piloted across NW London throughout March to August 2017 to measure the impact on patients’ ability to maintain or improve their current level of wellbeing. Positively, in regions where the apps have already been piloted, patients have reported weight loss, improved nutrition and increased exercise.

Following evaluation of the pilots, we will expand our use of technology across NW London, integrating technology with care pathways for patients with long-term conditions. Stay posted for further information and updates.