New mums receiving compassionate care in North West London


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New mums in Hillingdon are receiving compassionate maternity care, as found by an independent health watchdog.

Healthwatch Hillingdon commissioned a review of maternity care in the borough which has found: “an overwhelming majority of women are happy with the care and service provision at Hillingdon Hospital”. Many more stated that: “the quality of care given at the hospital is of a very good standard”.

The report was commissioned following improvements made to maternity care in North West London in 2015, which led the closure of the maternity ward at Ealing Hospital.

The changes saw maternity units in NW London consolidated onto six sites to improve safety and access to midwives and consultants day and night for all women.

At Hillingdon Hospital improvements and provision were put in place for up to 600 additional women a year to give birth.

Healthwatch Hillingdon wanted to ensure that women coming to Hillingdon are receiving a good standard of maternity care following the changes, which this report highlights.  

Anita Hutchins, Head of Midwifery at The Hillingdon Hospitals said: “We are delighted that our staff’s commitment to care has been recognised. We are really pleased that Healthwatch Hillingdon’s report is aligned to what we are currently trying to achieve. We are always seeking to improve our services and are always open for feedback, all feedback and recommendations are taken on board.

“In addition to our joint work to improve care in NW London, Hillingdon Hospital has been appointed as one of the first trusts to work with NHS Improvement to further improve patient safety.”

The report also provides some recommendations to further improve maternity care. Including:

  • Ensuring women receive information about where they can give birth, so they can make an informed choice
  • Improving continuity of care between women and their care professionals

Work to improve these aspects of care are already underway as North West London has been awarded funding to further improve maternity services in line with new national guidelines ‘Better Births’.

This new programme has been designed to test new approaches to deliver greater continuity of care to women throughout their pregnancy and postnatal care.

To launch the programme women across NW London are being invited to share their experiences of maternity services and join an online conversation at

You can read the full report from Hillingdon Healthwatch here.