Free training for carers in NW London


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In the NHS across North West London we have put together a series of free workshops for carers.

Carers across the capital provide vital support for members of our community to live and stay well, often their hard work and influence is overlooked. That’s why we are holding a series of free workshops for carers to support them in their valued role.

The training

The workshops have been designed with carers to provide the right training that will further develop skills. The course aims to provide carers with new ways to help them support those they are caring for and to feel empowered by taking a more active role in their healthcare. Carers will learn how to use health coaching mindsets and techniques, which they will be able to use alongside their existing knowledge and expertise.

The workshops

There are four, two day workshops set up across NW London which carers can attend. Carers would be expected to attend both sessions for each workshop. All of the workshops will run from 10am to 4pm; lunch and refreshments will be provided.

If you could help us to identify carers and carer groups who may be interested or share the information with them, it would be much appreciated.

Workshop set



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21 June 2017


28 June 2017

Ealing Town Hall,
Nelson Room,
New Broadway,
W5 2BY

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29 June 2017


6 July 2017

Brent Civic Centre,
Engineers Way,

Register here



10 July 2017


19 July 2017

Hellenic Centre,
16-18 Paddington St,

Register here


21 July 2017


28 July 2017


Hounslow Civic Centre,
Council Chamber,
​Lampton Road,

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More information
For more information, please contact Lisa Raynsford at or the workforce team at