Patients and carers, we need your help to improve hospital outpatient services in NW London


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The NHS in NW London needs patients to help improve hospital services.

If you have had hospital appointments for any of the listed services in the last two years, why not get involved and be a patient representative?

  • Cardiology
  • Trauma and orthopaedics (MSK)
  • Dermatology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynaecology

What would getting involved look like?

You would be part of a working group looking at ways of improving outpatients care. The role of patient representatives in the outpatient workshops is to ensure that the views of patients, carers and families are heard during discussions about outpatient improvements. Patient representatives will be valued as equal members and have the full support of the Chair.

Patient representatives who serve on these groups are expected to be active members. If you are interested, please read the role summary below

Patient representatives will:

  • Have attended outpatients services in NW London within the last two years for either cardiology, orthopaedics, dermatology, gastroenterology or gynaecology
  • Be available to attend the workshops listed at the end of this document
  • Contribute to meetings in a constructive manner, offering ideas and opinions which reflect the voice of patients, carers and their families
  • Provide a commitment to the group, attending as many workshops as they are able.
  • Prepare for, attend and participate in meetings

Skills and aptitude:

  • Knowledge of outpatients services in NW London through personal experience (as a patient or carer)
  • Provide the perspective of someone using the outpatient departments
  • Good communication skills

Personal qualities:

  • Confidence to raise issues in meetings
  • Be passionate about improving outpatient services
  • Be respectful of the viewpoints of others
  • Be respectful of any requests for confidentiality

Time commitment

  • 3 hours per month from January to March 2018
  • 3 hours per month pre-reading meeting materials (approximately)

If you would like to be a patient representative, please fill in this form and email it to or call our freephone number 0800 1777 990